Weiser Zwave lock

Hey all, i saw the long thread for the Schlage locks, but does anybody know if the Weiser will work? i can get it for less than half the price of the Schlage… so if it works with the same functionality i think i’ll take the plunge. (basically just looking for alexa integration, unlock notification would be swell too!)

Please be gentle i am very green with HA. i set it up for some RGB controllers a year ago and havent looked at it since, its been working great… so unfortunately i have forgotten everything…)

I have two weiser smart connect 5’s that I added z-wave cards to and an aeotec USB stick. I’ve only just started to play with them and HA. The Aeotec shows up in HA. Two locks show up in HA. so far they always either say locked or unlocked and I haven’t managed to get them to change status. I’ve done effectively no testing other than adding the node to HA though so I wouldn’t call it a fail. One possibility is the z-wave cards I added aren’t the correct version for my locks. I see there is something like 5 versions of z-wave cards. mine are version 3. I have 3 locks and the oldest one (8 years) flat out doesn’t work with the card added. One is about 5 years and it works with the card in and the card paired. The other is brand new and the card paired. I’m hopeful that I can get it working

Try excluding the locks from your network and one at a time doing a Secure Include for each node. Also make sure you have a network key set for your Zwave network.