Welcome screen in our new location, ideas on howto?

So we just moved to our new building and right now i’m trying to figure out the best way to create a welcome screen in the entrance.
On the screen i want a welcome message, see if any of the tenants of the top floor are present (we are renting those out) and an intercom system to call us/them. And show some random info like the solar panels we are using + knx (from the HVAC and such).

Most of those things will work from HA but the SIP intercom which is still in development stage.

I will use the iiyama - ProLite T2735MSC-B3 27" 10 point multi-touch monitor with Edge to Edge glass and webcam for the screen and prob hook up a pi or simple nuc for the interface.

Would HA be good for this or is there another sollution that will do what i want?

And will there ever be an “offcial” SIP client?