Well I’m migrated

After a week, I’ve managed to migrate everything over from Homeseer.

I got all automations working, and doing small tweaks as I see things not operate correctly.

But I managed to get it all moved and now have new automation which I did not have.

So far I’m happy but will run for a while to gauge over the next couple weeks.

What is everyone’s takes on updates? How should I move forward with this to ensure I have a stable system?

There is likely much opinion on this topic. Personally I have found staying on the latest build and also staying on top of the breaking changes helps to keep things under control.
My system consists of wifi, zigbee, 433mhz, and a few Bluetooth devices.
I have a fairly high technical IQ, this likely helps, but the system has definitely gotten more robust and flexible over the years.
Good luck!

Agreed. But update once at the end of the month, when most of the problems have been ironed out.


No fun in that :wink:


Me that install beta0 the Wednesday it is released :slight_smile:
Next mark in my agenda: Aug 30st, 2023.9.0beta0

But @mike31, don’t do that, update to the first stable version of the month if one new feature is a must for you, or wait for the latest release of the month if you can wait. Because you’ll not find any support in this forum for beta versions, it is forbidden by admins.


This is what I do but your mileage may vary.

I update whatever it is offered. This includes HACS. So many things get fixed and added on each update that it’s hard to not update. I migrate from homeseer ~4 year ago and have not looked back. I use nabu casa to access while in the wild. It works great and I get to give a little back to the project. I have found that the updates reduce problems not increase them. z-wave is now uber stable for me. Hope this helps in your journey.

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So how does update work then? What does the release cycle look like?

There is a monthly release cycle, first Wednesday of each month. That is for the Core of HA.

You’ll get a message in the ui when it is time.

Major update on the first Wednesday or so of every month, then a small weekly patch on minor fixes/patches weekly there after.

So are you saying to update on the first Wednesday of every month or the end of the month releases?

I do it when it is available, but after reading the release notes.


Just to add, there are many other updates you will come across:

  1. Addons can update themselves (I don’t). If they aren’t set to auto update, you will get a “repair” popping up in Settings. They are not part of the monthly Core update cycle.

  2. Stuff that is installed by HACS are also not part of the monthly Core updates, but again they will tell you when a new update is available.

  3. The frontend updates should be invisible to you, but may show you a pop up notification.

  4. The HA Supervisor updates by itself.

  5. The HA Operating System updates from time to time, again you will be told in the UI.

Confused? Yeah it can be like that.

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I usually update right away. I run my installation on VMware, so I just take a snapshot before updating. I’ve had to roll back a few times.

I run it at docker which makes it easy to go back with a couple of commands.
I didn’t when I was using supervised, but now I usually update right away.

By the way, congratulations :slight_smile:

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Hello @mike31,
I’ve done such a mistake with updates in the past that my main input device for controlling my devices and HA (a PC Keyboard connected to my HA Host via the Keyboard_Remote integration) went out of order after the 2023.7 update because something got screwed up concerning the Python 3.11 update.

My personal strategy for updates is as of now:

If an update gets released, I read the release notes to check if I need one of its new features directly, if I need some of them, I check the Breaking Changes to see if anything is listed there that affects one of my used integrations.

If I don’t need the new features immediately, I wait for the “.1” patch to be released so the major bugs should be fixed.

I hope that you find this useful and that you don’t get the same kind of problem as I got

Best regards

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Your update strategy might also depend on what you use. If you have HAOS with supervisor and only few HACS community addons you are less likely to run in incompatibilities then when you are managing the OS, docker and addons yourself. And the more HACS integrations, the more risk. So if the risk of serious problems is high, waiting a bit and watching the forum is not a bad idea.

Having said that, using HAOS and many addons and HACS community things, I update at the first stable release. But I do read the release notes carefully for braking changes. Nothing major has gone wrong in more than a year, and most smaller hickups were fixed in a couple of days. Never any issues with main lights and switches. But I do take care that those work without Home Assistant too. I’m always aiming for a high PAF (Partner Acceptance Factor) :wink:

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Or get involved in the beta releases and improve the first release of the month.

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…just do not let the workings of the main lights depend on it, unless you (are prepared to) live alone. :slight_smile:

I use Zigbee bindings between my hue dimmer remote and my lights for this so even with my HA Host being powered off, the lights still work in a basic way (on-off and dimming)