Wemo Insight Switches Power Usage in Watts


There is no mention of showing power for Insight switches on the belkin hassio page. Is this possible does anyone know please? If so does anyone have any guides on how to configure so that I can see the power consumption of a switch.

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So oddly enough one of my insights does show power in watts and the other does not.


I heard to break it out into a usable entity you need to feed it’s attribute into a template…
This concept in HA really confuses me, I don’t understand why I can’t just access entiy.attribute…
Maybe they’ll add that functionality.

I come from object based programming so all of my attributes are accessible throughout my system, which is ideal to me, maybe it is to the devs too, they just haven’t gotten to programming it.

Lol how bizarre and thanks for sharing this. At least I won’t go out of my mind think I have missed something. Will be great when it finally works which I am sure that it will

Many thanks.

No problem. If I ever decide I need it and get it working I’ll try to remember you and explain how I did it.

Gentleman sir. Thank you.

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  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "Dehumidifier Power"
        icon_template: mdi:air-filter
        unit_of_measurement: "w"
        value_template: '{% if states.switch.wemo_insight %}{{ states.switch.wemo_insight.attributes.current_power_w }}{% else %}Off{% endif %}'