Wemo Integration does not find Wemo devices

I run HA in a docker container. Before I moved to Docker, I had my Hassio install on RPi. Wemo integrations used to work on Hassio, but ever since I moved to Docker I have been unsucessful in adding the Wemo integration back into my configuration, as manually when I try to add no devices are found.

A few days ago, my CentOS virtual machine hosting the HA instance was having some Docker issues so I backed up my HA config and brought it up on a Ubuntu Virtual Machine. Within 6 hours It told me it has discovered the Wemo Integrations! This makes me believe there is a firewall running on my CentOS machine that might be interfering with my HA config.

Does anyone know what ports are needed for Wemo Integration discovery? Any ideas?

FWIW I was able to fix my CentOS Docker issues and have moved my container back to CentOS. I still can’t discover my Wemo’s again!!

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