WEMO Light Switches entities not available

I did some searching and it seems last year sometime there was an update to HA that broke the Wemo integration making Wemo devices not respond and showing as orphaned entities in HA. Is this still the case? I am having the same issues and it is annoying. I have 20 Wemo light switches and they either keep switching to the unavailable state or just stay that way. I set some with static IP and put in the code in the config file with the static IP and discovery to false and it is still happening. Does anyone have a good solution?

I at least still have my Smartthings setup so I can add them back to Smartthings and use them in HA with the Smartthings integration. They aren’t the most reliable in Smartthings but they seem to be a lot better. The Wemo devices worked great for the first day or so of me using HA, but now they are useless :frowning:

Were you able to find a solution? Wemos become unavailable randomly often for me.

Not really. I have me Wemo light switches setup in Smartthings and then integrate them in Home Assistant through the Smartthings integrations. I then use Node-Red with a Looptimer node that sends on/off signals to the light switches 5 times in a row with a one second delay. Not ideal but it works.

If any of your Wemo switches are homekit-enabled like the dimmer that I have, you can add them to HA through the Homekit integration (and then send them back to your Homekit hub in configuration.yaml). I compared having the dimmer added through the Wemo and HK integrations and came to the conclusion that although it still drops off roughly 5% of the time, the HK integration performed significantly better.