Wemo Maker - Momentary switch with no sensor - One Click Toggle possible?

I’ve got my Wemo setup and working, but since it is setup as a momentary switch and has no sensors, it seems that to actually get the Wemo relay to trigger, the switch has to be OFF first and then set to ON.

The problem is, to get a garage door to open (from OFF to ON state), I have to hit the switch twice every time.
Once the switch is set to ON (door opens) all is great, but now the Wemo thinks it is ON in HA.
So when I want to open or close it again, I have to click it it twice (first time to set it back to OFF and again to set it ON).

I just want to use it in a group. No automatons. Just click and basically act like pushing the old physical button inside the garage.

Is there a way to have a simple click action in a group or entity to just send the switch the command to “open” or set to “ON” or “engage” or “set” or something?

If not… should I set an automation to check for the ON state and set it OFF all the time?
I think the automation should work fine, but feels little like a bad work around for such a simple switch concept.

Any help is appreciated!!!


AFAIK, there isn’t a momentary switch in HA, so this would be the easiest solution.


Thanks. That’s what I was thinking after poking around.
So… the automation it is for now.

Thanks again!