Wemo Resubscribe error spurious log messages


integration for Belkin Wemo Insight switches is a bit broken for some time (well, actually it’s the Belkin’s fault) and produces a lot of log entries for Resubscribe events when the device is on different subnet.

Anyway, instead of trying to sort it out with various hacks and mDNS proxies, I think just cleaning up the log a bit would be enough, as the device itself sort-of works.

I have tried various combinations of <component_namespace> for the logger (wemo, pywemo, pywemo.subscribe, homeassistant.components.wemo, homeassistant.components.pywemo) setup in configuration.yaml, but nothing seems to do the trick. Setting log level with service: logger.set_level in Developer Tools works fine.

Anything I’m doing wrong?

Service call in Developer Tools works fine:

service: logger.set_level
  pywemo: error

configuration.yaml entry doesn’t:

    pywemo: error