Wemo switch not recognized

The wemo light switch installed in the garage stopped working a few days ago. Nothing I have done helped it to be recognized. I have rebooted the router, and even changed it out last week. Rebooting the computer and restarting the PC numerous times to no avail. I run HASSIO in a virtual box on a Windows10 PC. The original configuration is simply wemo: Today I tried to remove it from config.yaml, reboot, then reinstate the code and reboot. No help.

Note: The switch is connected to my home network with a reserved IP address, and I can turn it on and off using the WEMO app on my tablet. Yet, no HA.

It just may wind up in the trash. This is not making my sweetie happy because she has gotten used to the lights automatically turning on when she walks out into the garage (due to an automation).

Thanks. All help appreciated.

Have you tried adding the IP address?

    - ip-address

I did that when my wemo became flakey and it’s fixed

Yes sir. I did that today also but it didn’t help. I will try that again. And I also upgraded from .84.6 to .85.1 also but still no change.

I tried your suggestion again, and this time it worked. I guess I will wait and see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for the help.

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Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help. I have used this static method, but now I don’t see the devices in the list to automate.
As well when I clicked to edit the YAML from a different Tp-link light, I can change the name, but if I delete the ID it says invalid configuration.
just wondering how you automated using the static method?