Wemo switch reliability - frequent disconnections

Hello all,

I use 3 different wemo switches link and I often find that they are “unavailable” within hassio. Rebooting my hassio server occasionally works to find them, but not always. They typically will come back, but there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Just wanted to see if anyone else has this problem.


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Yes right from the beginning. I originally had them on a single AP, and they were always very low on signal, so I could understand why they were dropping out.

So I figured I’d fix it by getting multiple AP’s. Then I found they were unreliable in a multiple SSID configuration; they would always connected to the lowest mac address instead of the highest signal strength, so I put in some single SSIDs to hard-code them to.

Even that way, they still used to dropout frequently. I suspect they were just too old (even the newest F/W they were running 11g mode) and maybe weren’t too happy with the newer 11n mode I was running on the 2.4GHz wifi.

End result, I sold them all for a pretty penny.

I had that issue when only using discovery mode, I changed the switches to fixed IP and then specified the IP in configuration.yaml and they have been rock solid since then.

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Had to do this for reliability for myself as well. I did, however, just buy a 3-pack of TP-Link mini plugs to replace these as they stop behaving. OP, I have the exact same WeMo plugs you do too, same nonsense.

Yep, my HS110 have been rock solid. Funnily enough, they cost less than what the 3 year old Wemo’s fetched on eBay. People really love those Wemo’s…

Static discovery did not work for me; everything on my HA instance is static, I’ve disabled discovery.

Got a few of the HS110s as well, like you set on static.
Again, like you very reliable. That said I prefer the wemo pugs as they capture power consumption.

Do you mean power consumption over time (kwh) vs just the instantaneous draw (kw)? E.g. Wemo did power consumption over time, and the HS110 only does instantaneous consumption?

The WeMo mini does? Neither of mine show such info in Home Assistant, even in the states developer panel.

Thanks everyone! I’ll try setting the switches to a fixed IP

Your correct and I was being silly! I have a couple of HS100 and HS110, I forgot the 110 do consumption reporting :frowning:

The wemo’s that I use which do consumption reporting are the old wemo insight plugs.

I realize this is a very late update, but ultimately changing the switches to fixed IP did not fix the problem. See image for a typical example of how often the connection drops:

Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 12.30.01 PM

Additionally, one of my switches just won’t connect at all anymore. Bottom line - don’t buy Wemo!