Wemos d1 mini clone and mcp23008

I have been hanging my head and against the table trying to get my wemos d1 mini clone trying to connect to an mcp23008 using esphome.

Have tried external pull-up resistors on the clock and data ports (though supposedly the ESP has internal 10k pull-up resistors so shouldn’t be necessary. Have tried changing the address on the mcp23008. Have also tried various ports on the ESP.

Is it possible that it’s an issue with the I2C bus speed? From what I can tell the chip only supports 100khz, 400khz and 1.7 MHz, meanwhile the default esphome speed is 50khz.

Could that be it?
Or do I need to reset the mcp23008 somehow maybe?

Thanks in advance

100khz or 400khz didn’t make a difference.

I switched from 5v to 3.3v and tried a new MCP23008 and that ended up getting it going (on the default 50khz frequency).
No external pullup resistors either.

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