Wemos D1 Mini + INA219 + TL-136 sensor

Hi all,

Hope you can help. I’m trying to build a water level sensor, using the TL-136 pressure sensor. I’m totally lost trying everything to figure out how this should be working.

First I tried the ADC platform, connecting the SDA pin of my INA219 to the Wemos A0 pin. Results : Or I get result 0V, or I get result 3.3V
Is it ‘überhaupt’ possible to use the INA219 converter when using the A0 pin to read voltage from the sensor ?

Second I tried to use the INA219 using the I2C platform. I had the SDA & SDL coupled to two GPIO’s, but unfortunately I always received communications errors towards INA219

Has anyone got a clue on how to read the voltage from the TL-136 to measure water level using a Wemos D1, with or without the INA219 converter ?

Thanks a lot in advance !



Please search before asking! ESPHome water level sensor - #187 by aherbjornsen