Wemos D1 Mini Pro with CP2104 serial converter

I bought a pair of ‘Wemos D1 Mini Pro’ boards from Amazon/AITRIP store which I could never get to program via ESPHome. The USB connection would never become available. Using a particular ESP8266 uploader app on my tablet, I got a reply that the serial converter chip was CP2104 and when proceeding got ‘unable to sync’ or ‘unable to initialize.’
Has anyone had any luck using ESPHome on devices with CP210x chips instead of the CH340 chip?

Did you install the driver?

I did not. This has solved the port access problem. More problems to solve now. Loading a basic wifi program create with esphome wizard, is blowing up with what looks like an illegal address error. Pressing on.

Sounds like the board definition is not correct and the esp is trying to access memory that the board does not have.

The D1 Mini Pro in question is defective. A second device did not display this error. That being said, the ‘working device’ seemed flakey and had errors intermittently after making changes in the program. Both devices were returned to supplier.