Wemos d1 mini ws2812b disconnecting

Im pretty noob in case of homeassistant and mqtt, so i have a problem. Every time when i change an effect in the front side, it works, but after changing the effect or color more than 5 times, the ledstrip suddenly reboots, i have a 5v 10a power supply, the wemos d1 mini is directly connected to the psu, because it also requires 5 volts to power. Any help/suggestions are welcome! (I used the ledstrip homeautomation video from ben)

Did you add a capacitor and resistor?

Do you use mosquitto as MQTT broker?

Also what does your serial output says when this happens? It might be a hardware related problem but also a mqtt or wifi disconnection that trigger a reboot.

I use a special psu made for this project: http://s.aliexpress.com/qARFZjIB . I will try to power the wemos d1mini by usb and ground it

Yes i am using mosquitto as MQTT Broker

How much ws2812b are you using? This kind of power supply is kind of shitty and might cause problem if you try to use it close to it’s max (10A).

Please reply to the other question I’ve asked. Or it’ll be hard to help you. Your problem could be with mosquitto but without serial output it’s impossible to tell.

Im only using 150 leds, im using max 8.8 amps, so i have quite some power left, i think its an error in the code, but i dont have any idea. (Thanks for helping btw)

What does the serial out from the ESP say? Did you install a capacitor? Did you install a resistor?

Im not using a resistor, what resistor do you suggest? Im not using a capacitor either

You can check here:

Thanks for the tip, so if i order a resistor and a capacitor, i place the resistor between the data channel, and the capacitor between the power and ground from the psu, it would be fine?

I don’t know if it’ll solve your problem, for that the serial output would help (but somehow you decided that you’ll ignore this part ^^).

But it’s something you should do or you might damage your led stip and esp board.

Ah okay i understand sorry that i ignored that part, but is sereal output the same as data output?

No, serial output is what you see in serial monitor in your Arduino IDE when the board is connected to your computer via USB.

Good to know, my ledstrip is 45watt with 5 volts, which resistor and transistor do i need to use for that

You need a capacitor, not a transistor. You nee the one described here:

How many volt capacitor do i need, because i see some 1000uf with 6.3 volts or 25 volts, i dont understand


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So if i use a 1000uF 6.3V capacitor, it is all fine?

Yep, you could use any 1000uF as long as it’s more than 6V (5V + 20%)

Thanks, it is now working great!