Wemos d1 with esphome does not boot

Hello everyone!
I have been using wemos d1 v4 with esphome for a month already with a lot of sensors on it for my pool.
Yesterday I have added two VL53L0X and now the board does not start after power disconnect.
If I disconnect two “enable pins” (GPIO13 and GPIO15), wait for the esp to boot up, connect two pins back and make a “soft restart” everything works great.
The only idea I have is that wemos d1 (powered with 5v from LM2596) tries to power up two enable pins and lacks power. May be it is possible to add a delay, so that it provides power to these pins only after boot? Or there is some issue with i2c…

Here are some things you can try.

Ok, so after some testing, is seems that the problem was with GPIO15

Switched it to GPIO16 and everything seems to work properly!

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Which gpio’s you used for VL53L0X ? Did you perhaps use any of strapping pins?
Did you read esp’s uart (log) output? connect usb-uart to esp’s rx/tx and see what data esp throws out.

EDIT: we just missed each other…