Westinghouse fan via Harmony Hub


i am very new to home assistant. I just installed it a few days ago and got a few hubs. Now i have a harmony hub and thats connected to my home assistant. My Alexa is setup so as soon as i add a new automation, i can call it by voice. I also have a harmony hub and a ceiling fan (Westinghouse Turbo Swirl with lights). I got everything connected somehow and i have this in the harmony config file (its only a part,… didnt want to past the whole file here):

"Westinghouse Climate Control": {
            "commands": [
            "id": "69575358"

Question now is: how do i make an automation, that i can call from Alexa? As i only want that to be controlled by voice and not by any automation (i had a small workaround to use the sun as device and the trigger is that the numeric value should be over 9000 so it probably never gets triggered). I want to say “Alexa, ceiling fan to medium” or “Alexa, ceiling fan light on”

I tried a few more things but i dont wanna break my setup now. Anyone has an idea? Also short additional question… how do i find out the device id? I tried to play around in automations.yaml and that always requires a device id, but i cant find one for my harmony hub… i guess i am looking at the wrong place

here is the solution. If i say to Alexa “turn on low ventilation”, it will start

Hello! would you mind to explain me how did you get to add your fan to HA? i mean, how did you link it to harmony hub? I have also this hub and Princes westinghouse fan which is really similiar to yours…Thanks anyway!