What am i doing wrong with Sonoff Basic? Only works when powered by USB

I just flashed my first Sonoff with ESP home and integrated it into Home Assistant and I could control it, but when I unplugged the usb ftdi converter and put my 12v 1amp power supply into the input, and nothing happens.

So i get a second one, flash it with the same image, nothing happens.

So i know I didn’t just get a defective one. I don’t want to try it on any more in case i just break them with my power supply. is it too much?

I don’t know much about electricity, is the power supply too much for the sonoff basic? I’ve seen many people looking for help online but they never get answered.

Please let me know if i did something wrong, thanks.

The Sonoff Basic runs on 90 to 240V AC.

The Sonoff SV runs on 5 to 24V.

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Thank you for the information