What an earth is restore actually doing

I love home assistant, it is great for all that I do, but the restore functionality is beyond mad. For context, i have a very small home assistant install. I use it mainly just to monitor my SolaX inverter locally - its only been doing this for a month. I went to restore this today (150MB backup), and its been restoring for the last 8 hours. This is on a system with nvme m.2 SSD’s, 2 cores of a i5-8500 and 4 gigs of ram, though proxmox using tteck’s script.

Maybe I’d be less annoyed if i saw some activity, but its using 0.5% of the CPU, not touching the network and barely any disk activity. There’s no progress indicator and for all i know it could be doing this for hours more. I see nothing in the developer docs nor github about how this restore process works or what it does.

Can someone please explain what home assistant is doing during this restore process?

I was going to really expand my home assistant install, but all i can think off is having a hardware failure and having no control of the home for 48 hours.

I did a restore today myself. The trick is, don’t wait for the restore to finish, just open another browser window and see when your HA restarts.

Okay surely this needs to be fixed.

Yes I probably should have checked, but still, very misleading.

Many thanks @francisp

Since you are on Proxmox the simplest solution is to backup restore the VM using Proxmox tooling. This way backup/restore is minified to just a few mins, possibly seconds for your setup.

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