What are all the "Z-Wave Switch Exporting set to False" log entries?

At somewhat random intervals, ranging from 3 to 15 minutes, I get HA log file entries about each of my Z-Wave devices “XYZ Exporting set to False”. Although I’ve seen similar messages in log file listings in other posts, I’ve not found anything that explains these entries or what causes them. Any ideas?

I have these appear on z-wave devices that include an energy monitor, such as, Fibaro Relays. I believe they reflect whether energy is being exported (e.g. solar panels sending excess energy to the grid) or imported (i.e. TVs and Washing Machines using up energy). The messages appear in the UI Logbook/History much like any other state but you can turn them off by using the “exclude” option in the Recorder componen in configuration.yamlt. Not sure why these messages would land in your homeassistant.log file tho. What does the entry say?

Actually, I should have been more specific. These are showing up in the logbook, not the log file. In any case, I added them in the recorder exclude list. Thanks for the suggestion!