What are my options for a HA compatible doorbell

Hi all I’ve been looking around for a while but my knowlege isn’t high enough.
I’m looking for a doorbell that can:

  1. Show the live stream at any given time in HA (rtsp?)
  2. Has a motion sensor and button that I can use as a trigger in HA
  3. Can be used with a existing chime or sells chimes that work with it
  4. Can record video, could or local doesn’t matter that much

bonus: works with google home, ea: “hi google, show my frontdoor on chromecast”

what would be my options?

you might need to built it up yourself as I’m not sure one exist that can fit all your requirements.
the one that would have sprung to mind is the Nest Hello but to my knowledge it does not provide access to real time video (1).
If you have a Google Home or Mini, you can easily use it as your chime (that’s what I currently do), so 3 could potentially be removed from your list
My current setup is an RFXTrx Doorbell, a Hikvision and Google Home Minis, but that was created before smart doorbell the likes of Ring, Skybell or Nest came out (or became affordable).

You probably also need to confirm whether you want/need the doorbell to work off battery or be powered, and what networks you have in place (WiFi, ZWave, ZigBee, RFXTrx, etc) that would help us point you to a device rather than another

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Thanks for your reply.

Seems like there is the Doorbird that would do most of what i want but it’s rather expensive.
The Hickvision also seems to do most of what i want but i’m not sure if i can use the triggers (motion and pressed)
I might just get a Ring 1 for 99€ and add a ip cam for live-feed.
Does this Ring bell have a good latency with the phone when pressed and do the chimes ring instantly?
Or do you recommend another bell for that?

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I don’t use the Ring so can’t comment on it, but the hikvision cameras allow for recording on installed SD Card and provide info such as motion detection, line-crossing etc.
Do you need audio, 2 way comm like the more expensive smart doorbells provide? If not, a simple weatherproof switch that connects to HA and a CCTV would do the trick…


I would like to use a commercial product because I would like the app that pops up when someone presses the bell so I can talk to them. So yeah, 2 way audio would be a must for me.

Do the hikvision triggers work with HA or only the native Hikvision app? I would like to use them to turn on a light on motion, and mute the sound, stop vacuum when bell is pressed. The RTSP live feed would be nice because I’m planning to make a view in HA with all my cameras.

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the hikvision component exposes binary_sensors. You can use these as triggers for any automation


Oh great, I’ll order one today :smiley:
Thanks and have a great weekend

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Would the new eviz doorbell work too?

Check this out

I’ve just ordered one to test. I play to see what I can tap into from the App.

I’ve also considered using a pi & camera with a button instead. It’s easy to send the live camera feed when the button is pressed to all my iOS HA users, but I can’t work out how to send audio back from the phone (someone used duo - which works on iPhone, but I feel using the iOS notification system may have a better way?)

Hi there,

Is there any progress on testing the Yoosee 1080p smart video doorbell/intercom HD camera wireless/Wi-Fi PoE AC/DC 8V-36V

I am looking for the same functionality…


just ordered it and its shipping from china it looks like, so wont have an update for a few weeks

thanks for the quick response. Good luck with the testing!


Any update with the Yoosee 1080p ?

yeah its a pile of s**t lol
Setup took nearly 30 minutes - broke at random times during set up
Their website (yoosee) was having issues (cloudflare tried to help, but no cached versions - annoying)
When it fails set up, it beeps VERY loudly which is fine once, but numerous times is not cool
RTSP is low to average quality (ONVIF didnt work)

I went with the LaView Halo One (gen2) - has been great and ONVIF/RTSP is solid (plus Amazon sells it)


I will also chime in and give +1 for the LaView Halo One (gen2) they added ONVIF support and also there are ways you can grab screenshots from it without having to authenticate on your local network. Nice to have a shot on the main dashboard of my HA.

Did you try the Hikvision doorbell with HA?

I am interested in the DS-KB6403-WIP but the Hikvision Binary Sensor integration only mentions their cameras and NVRs and the Doorbell is not on the officially tested list.

Any luck with the chime on the LaView Halo One?

Just ordered a hikvision doorbell. The only Built in sensor is motion, so no way of directly telling ha that the button has been pressed.
My plan is to use taker on a fire7 tablet (currently used as alarm keypad) to send a message to ha (still trying to figure out / decide via mqtt or direct via a long life token)
I’m also planning on plugging the video feed to tensorflow to get early notification of people approaching the doorbell
I’ll post an update one set up if anyone is interested

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Would also like to know this. Hoping we can setup a binary sensor for the button press.

I just bought a Ezviz DB1, basically the same as the LaView.
So far the onvif part works great.
Still haven’t figured out a way to make it show in HASS when someone is ringing.
Normal app is working but I don’t like it, I’d like everything to be local and not in the cloud.

Hikvision component doesn’t work for me, tried that.

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