What are my options for appliances that connect to HA

I’m building a new house and looking to integrate HA as much as possible. When it comes to appliances, what brands will integrate well with HA? I’m not talking about “hacked monitoring” but more “plug-and-play” monitoring. I realize the “plug-and-play” method will likely require me to rely on the cloud. I try to avoid the cloud for most things but I’m not against using it for something non-critical like appliance monitoring.

I’m looking at the Whirlpool smart washer/dryer for laundry machines, but can’t find a whirlpool integration. Should I look at other brands that will integrate with HA?

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I have a Whirlpool wall oven and microwave combo that are roughly 18 months old. The same Whirlpool app on my phone seems to control Whirlpool appliances of all sorts. So what difference there may be in appliance type or age, I don’t know. The unit itself seems to use MQTT. It’s odd though - it uses port 1883, everything seems to be encrypted, and it loves to bang on 169.x.x.x APIPA addresses. They did recently bring the oven and microwave to the Google Assistant ecosystem, but I haven’t messed around with trying to shoehorn anything into HA yet. The bottom line is that while this is so far the best oven and the best microwave we’ve had, it’s definitely not friendly to our efforts to integrate.

I wanted to mention this,

Companies publish updates that can break the link with any 3rd party automation software. Past that, they also have the option of discontinuing support for an appliance. And there’s a chance never be able to control with any software.

So, you may want to think about that before spending too much extra money on Appliances with built in automation features. (It’s why a lot of us use DIY options)

And you may have already planned for this, but be sure you have lots of extra outlets and wire channels built into your walls and ceilings.