What are the minimum hardware requirements to run HA without references to RPI, just barebone PC architecture?

All I can find are references to RPi.

I plan to install this on MiniPC or similar hardware. I would like to know what hardware requirements to pay for.

You will be hard pressed to find CPUs and ram that are insufficient for HA in a PC, since the main requirement is an UEFI bios, which will cut away all old system that could have an issue.

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Pretty much anything PC like that runs a full fat OS (Windows Linux etc) will have more resources than a Pi.

ANY PC that still works is good enough

  1. Go to e-bay or similar site / charity shop or find the oldest hardware you stored in a box in the shed
  2. [E-bay: You can easily find e.g. a decent ‘thin-client’ for $20-40 (check the spec for memory and SSD & powerbrick)
  3. Wipe the harddrive / SSD / EMMC storage
  4. Install an HomeAssistantOS
  5. Get a ConBee-II usb-stick

– – – >> you’re OFF!!! >> Install your smart stuff!
Have fun!

Recent/modern Celeron or Pentium processor at 1.8 GHz or so will do more than adequately.
Here’s an economical example that will host Home Assistant and a few other things, if you so choose.
All for less than $50.

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