What are the platforms available for device-tracker?

Hi everyone,
I am setting up HassIO on my Pi 4. It is connected to internet using wifi. My telco operator is SFR, a big one in France.
My question is related to the following article: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/device_tracker/
What are the platforms available to set up the device tracker using the internet box?
“SFR” is obviously rejected by the system: “Platform error device_tracker.SFR - Integration ‘SFR’ not found.”
Thanks all for your help!

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On the right of the device tracker page is a Category section. It has a link to the Presence Detection category, which will list all of the integrations that are available for presence detection. Is that what you are looking for?


If your provider’s modem/router is not supported by the PRESENCE DETECTION options on the Integrations page, then you can’t integrate it out of the box.

Your options are using a supported integration for presence detection, or write your own

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Thank you all! It was fast and precise answers. As a conclusion, I don’t see SFR or Sagemco as a supported platform. I will use Nmap instead.

Take care when setting this up. The NMAP platform uses the fast scan option which only scans 100 common ports (vs. the normal 1000) but if a typical /24 subnet is given this is 25,400 scans to be completed for one round of checks.

If you don’t want to discover devices on your network but instead track if known devices with static IPs are connected, the Ping binary sensor is a better approach.

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Thanks! That’s interesting, indeed as I just want to track a couple of devices.
But how do I make sure the phones I want to track will have static local IP?

This is normally setup in your router.

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I’m having the exact problem as the OP (albeit with a different router). I’m unable to find a Device Tracker page to see which integrations are available for presence detection, though… I’m looking through the UI to find the Presence Detection category but I can’t see it anywhere. Help?

EDIT: I found that my Asus router is an available integration through the HA website, but not through the UI. I added it to configuration.yaml and added asuswrt as my platform, like so:

# Asus router setup
  username: admin
  password: pffft
    - devices
    - upload
    - download
    - upload_speed
    - download_speed

# Device tracker
  - platform: asuswrt
    username: admin
    password: nowayjose
    interval_seconds: 30
    consider_home: 600
      track_new_devices: true

It all checks out in my “Check Configuration” in the UI… but I still don’t know where to find the Presence Detection category. I should state that I already have the UPnP integration for my router that HA auto-detected when I first started it up yesterday… I don’t know if that would cause a conflict, but I’d still expect the Asus integration to show up.