What are the requirements for haaska to connect to an HA server

Hi there,

I have done the setup of this but it does not work, which was sort of expected. I am not using DuckDNS as I already have my device setup for external access. It is connecting with a Let’s Encrypt certificate etc.

i.e. you can goto to server.domain.com and access HA forced to HTTPS if required.

I DO have MFA configured through HA so for external connections you would normally have to do this. I was assuming though that the long-lived token was being used instead of MFA for this type of connection?

The connection to my HA device comes through an HA proxy. Is it this that is causing me the problem? The proxy sits on the external device and converts the incoming server.domain.com requestion through to The external connection does not specify the port.

Haaska of course tries to reach an HA server by the URL that it was configured for, and if you can reach your HA server from the external world with your browser using the same URL, then Haaska should be able to reach your HA server. After that, then the LL Token gives it access permission. I have seen a couple of cases where the LL Token had to be regenerated at HA and reconfigured at Haaska.

Also, double-check the ssl config parameters in Haaska.

What does your Haaska log say when you run the test?

Thanks Tommy, I got it working :slight_smile: My bad. I had failed to save the url for the server somehow and it was trying to contact local host! I just assumed my slightly non standard setup would be the problem rather than my personal incompetance :wink:

Working now though and it is awesome. Glad I found this.