What are you running on your raspberry pi satellites

Hey all!

I have multiple pis running snapcast clients includig an odroid N2+ with a subwoofer. Honestly, the audio quality with the added subwoofer was better than expected, considering I do not have any special hardware on the pis.

I was considering running room-assistant, but more as a phone tracker, since I am using multiple Esp32 with LD2410 for room presence.

Rhasspy looks interesting, but I am not yet ready to include voice activations.

Anyway, what else are you running on your (multiple) pi satellites? Curious to know what the community is doing with their pis!

I still have one Raspberry Pi 4 running with only miflora2mqtt to fetch data from my MiFlora sensors, for two reasons:

  • The HA Blue does not have a BT adapter by default
  • The HA Blue is located to far away from my plants
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