What BLE Gateways / BLE Servers are you using?

Hello there,

I am currently using the RPI4’s bluetooth as a BLE gateway for my HA, so I had to have it placed in a rather “centralized” part of my home. However, I now need to move the rpi with the rest of my home’s routers and I am researching what devices I could use to act as BLE gateways.

I have a 3 floor house, so I’ll be needing 3 BLE Gateways.

I’ve looked into ESPHome, but it comes with a lot of disclaimers and restrictions, such as the ones that can be found at their documentation page.

So my question to the community is simple: What devices are you using to act as BLE Gateways for your setup?

Please talk about:

  • How long you’ve been using them
  • Stability across time
  • Setup requirements (i.e. for an ESPHome you have to buy the components and build the device yourself, cases, power supply, etc)
  • Configuration requirements (is there a UI? or configuration scripts?)

Thank you!