What board could this be? Tuya fan/light controller

I ordered a light/fan wall controller for my kids bedrooms.
It’s tuya based.
I opened it up and saw all necessary connections broken out.
Juse have no idea which board it is and whether it’s supported by esphome.


And off course, right after asking a question I probably found the answer.
Seems to be and esp12


how would I go about finding out the pinouts?

Have you looked in the tasmota device database?

Yes, I can’t find it there.
I am fairly sure I can get the relay for the light to work.
The fan controller is a different game though. Wouldn’t know where to start on that one.

You’ll need to do some tracing on the pcb and trial and error.

For the relay I can work that out.
However I have no idea how to read/control the dimmer.
Even if I would find out the gpio pins for the touch buttons

Just try and trace from the touch button to the pin on the esp with a multimeter or circuit tracer.

I have the same. Did you get it?


use tuyaconvert and add this to your esphome yaml

rx_pin: GPIO3
tx_pin: GPIO1
baud_rate: 9600



  • platform: wifi_signal
    name: “${upper_devicename} WiFi Signal”
    update_interval: 60s
  • platform: uptime
    name: “${upper_devicename} Uptime”


  • platform: “tuya”
    name: “${upper_devicename} Light”
    dimmer_datapoint: 5
    switch_datapoint: 3
  • platform: “tuya”
    name: “${upper_devicename} Fan”
    dimmer_datapoint: 2
    switch_datapoint: 1