What board to select for DIY board

I put together my own board for use in esphome using ESP-WROOM32D modules I got from Digikey. Is there a preferred board type for this homemade approach? When it first gets set up the yaml config is populated with:

  board: esp32dev
    type: arduino

It works, but not sure if this is the best choice or not.

A forum search would have brought you to this quite extensive thread covering all sorts of “Best, good, cheap, quality, reliable ESP32 boards” :wink:

Thanks… I made my own… I guess the best path forward is to just look at the repo and see what the difference is between the different board configs.

As you will have seen from the docs, the canonical site for determining this is PlatformIO Registry. However as the market becomes more and more fragmented and espressif labels more and more chips esp32 but with added nomenclature like s2, s3, c3, h2 and so forth, the whole thing is messy. However once you find the board there, the specfics can be found by clicking through, eg this page is an example. Denky32 (WROOM32) — PlatformIO latest documentation

Thanks I haven’t been able to dig through it all, but from what I can see so far the bulk of the variation appears to be limited to pin enum’s… but I’m sure there is more once i get below the surface.