What budget tablet is currently (2024) working good with HA as kiosk display

Hello, i teally like HA on phone and computer but want a central screen in the kitchen on the wall as seen so many times.
So i am cruising around and find many controversial info.
So what are tou guys us8ng and is any of your solutions budget friendly.
Since a fire tablet 10 is already 100 bucks
Thx for any opinions

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I don’t use this personally but I see AliExpress has some cheap tablets that looks suitable. This for example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005824822570.html

thx for your reply, i bought one from ali and it was …well…how to say it polite…it had room for optimization

Lenovo thinksmart view with custom rom (lineage os)

See dedicated thread in the forum

New or used under 50€/$

I wouldn’t bother with the Fire. They are cheap for a reason and the hassle involved to get out of Amazon’s eco system is just not worth it.

Either get a recent used Samsung or Lenovo tablet. As long as it is running Android 8 or higher (the later the better) you should be fine. For wall mounting, find a used Lenovo K series - they have no battery. If you do get one with a battery, then both have battery saving features in recent versions of Android.

The Lenovo ThinkSmart view is a good option if you want something to sit on a desk/table etc.

For all of the options, running Fully Kiosk on them and buy the licence. You can then control the device from Home Assistant, such as screen control etc.

Buy the license? For the full kiosk? Or fire tablet to get rid of the adds? Thx for the details answer. Getting hands on a tablet is surprisingly more difficult than i thought. I expected to find a huge market for used ones but peopel seem to either keep em forever or throw them out.
Did not know whay u menat with k series. Googled that and only found laptops.
Are u using the lenovo view smart? Is it bright enough for day light usage on a kitchen counter? And is 8 i ch actually big enough?

Fully Kiosk licence. It is like 10 EUROs or something.

Lenovo Tablet K series - K10. Identical to the M10, just without a battery. Look for them on eBay.

I have a Lenovo smart view as well, they are fine for daytime use. they are designed to be used for Teams calls, but flopped, but the screen is fine.

I use an 7" ONN Tablet (Walmart’s brand) that isn’t fancy that I use for my Home Theater Dashboard. They are currently $59; 10" are $99.