What can be reloaded without restarting?

What configurations can be reloaded without restarting? reload_core_config only reloads customization? What about groups and views?
Also, according to this automations can be reloaded without restarting, by toggling their state, but it does not seem to work.


I’m curious about this as well. I have gotten some things to reload, but I am usually better served just restarting the whole service.

Groups and automations have their own services for reloading.

Go to the services page in your web UI (the one that looks like a mobile device with a signal bar - it is the left most icon under “Developer Tools”).

Once there, it’s just three steps:

  • Click on the “domain” drop down, select “Groups” (or “automations”)
  • Click on the “service” drop down, select “reload”
  • Click on “Call Service”

This will work in a pinch, and is much nicer than waiting for HASS to restart everything completely while developing and testing. I find once I am done tweaking things, a good full restart is still usually a good idea. These “on-the-fly” reloads sometimes leave things in a weird state. (For example, I will sometimes end up with multiple copies of the same groups in the Web UI).

BTW - @abmantis, the “reload_core_config” as far as I know just reloads any customizations you have. (eg: things in the "customize: " stanza of your yaml - friendly names, icons, visibility, etc).

(edit: cleared up ambiguous usage of “reload” vs “restart”)


I see! The group and automation reloads are very useful, thank you.

Cool! Haven’t noticed those services! Great tip.

Also worth mentioning here, because it comes up on a search for ‘reloading automations’ is that you can create scripts for these so they can appear on your front end like this:


    alias: Restart HomeAssistant
      - alias: Restart HA
        service: homeassistant.restart

    alias: Reload Automations
      - alias: Reload-Automations
        service: automation.reload

I made a script that does this automatically whenever you update those files, feedback and imporvements are much appriciated:

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What about packages? How to reload the stuff in them? It seems that functionality is broken. For example, groups disappear if they are in packages and are reloaded…

How appear on front. I copy and past your script in script.yaml, bit nothing show on Hass,io frontend.

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alerts are not yet part of these easy reload options right?