What can I do from the home assistant virtual machine

I have a HAOS installed on synology virtual machine manager.
It has been up and running for a couple of years now

but when it doesn’t work all I know how to do is to restart the virtual machine
when this machine is running I can click the connect button and it gives me a command line but it doesn’t seem to match all the CLI pages here.

What can I do here, and how do I get a linux cli?

I can type ha and get a bunch of text but I can’t even scroll up to get to read the top of it.

Type ? to find out how to use the HA CLI

Install the “Terminal and SSH” add-on from the Add-On store.

I can’t scroll and everything is incomplete. Eg

atm I’m trying to work out why it is not starting after the synology update



You could try ha supervisor repair.

All your error means is that supervisor hasn’t started yet. If you google the error message you will see lots of topics with a myriad of suggestions.