What can I do with a discontinued Sonoff SC gadget?

Hi guys

I have this Sonoff SC sensor which I would like to make it work somehow.
I won’t have time to hack it and improve the code, upgrade sensors and so on
All I would like to do is to be able to communicate with the devices either via Home Assistan (if that is even possible ) or via some Python scripts if the guy is able to respond and if there is a way to communicate with it directly over TCP IP. All I need is to get the readings of the sensors on the device and I will take it from there

I decided to post here since Home Assistant will be my Automation platform going forward (I am just starting with this) For now, to make my wife happy I hooked everything I have to Google Home but I guess either an integrated or parallel Home automation system is possible with the two (Home Assistant and Google Home assistant)


I came across this sensor on the Tasmota website.
You can falsh the sensor with the Tasmota firmware (using a USB serial programmer of Node MCU) and then use the Tasmota integration in home assistant to communicate over MQTT.

hope this helps.