What can I do with a second Z-wave module?

Friend of mine just dropped here an unused Raspberry Pi 3B, so I could use it for my projects. So I’ve build a music streamer with it.

But there also was a Z-wave module attached, as it has been used with Domoticz before.

Now I already have my Z-wave network complete and working on my Intel machine with Z-wave.me stick and HA.

So now I’m just thinking, what can I do with this Raspberry Z-wave module? Someone, who has any idea?
If I don’t find use for it, I probably will give it away to someone, but if I can use it for some magic, why not…

Throw your ideas at me, please :wink:

I have used a spare RPi with a Z-Wave stick for experimenting & testing without fear of disrupting the production network,

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I second that.

I used my second zwave controller a lot when switching from the old zwave to zwavejs.

and it never hurts to have a spare just in case of failure of your production controller.