What caused a scene to activate?


So today I got home and noticed that the lights where on in my office, which I thought was odd since no one was home today. So I logged into my home assistant to see if I somehow left them on and what I found was that they were turned on by a scene being activated about 3 hours after I left the house. Under scenes I found the scene that activated at that time, however I cant find anything that shows what actually triggered the scene to activate on its own. Under automations, nothing was triggered or ran anywhere near the time that the scene was activated, so I am very confused what happened and why. Are there any other logs that might show what caused the scene to activate?

Thanks a lot! This has never happened before that wasnt triggered by an auto or manually so Im scratching my head here.

Thanks again!

Check the context in the logbook.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your logbook panel.

That’s where I started. I pulled up the logbook for the lights which shows the following:

6:53AM : “Office Lights turned off” (which was me this morning before I left)
9:27AM : “Office Lights turned on triggered by service Scene: Activate” (I wish it actually said the name of the scene here)

Then under scenes, I sorted by “Last activated” and sure enough 1 scene was activated that lines up with the timing, what was “Office Lights 100%”. So I pulled up the logbook on that item and all it shows is:

9:27AM : “Office Lights 100% changed to March 16, 2024 at 9:27 AM triggered by service Scene: Activate”

Nowhere can I find anything about what actually caused the scene to activate. The light itself is part of a couple different automatons however none of which actually even call that service since I dont use it anymore for anything. Also like I said, no automatons even ran or were triggered anyway anywhere near this time anyway. Very bizarre!

I would think there must be a log that should show what actually triggered the scene to activate, but I haven’t found it yet

Thanks a lot!

Did you ever figure out how to track down the cause?

I ran into the exact same situation this morning (with a morning automation actually), and can’t find anything before the triggered by service Scene: Activate message that’s related. Sorting scenes and automations by last triggered makes no connection either.

The time is an odd time as well (9:18am) which doesn’t sound like anything I’d setup time based, so it must be triggered by an event.