What caused my switch to turn on? Debugfeature?

Every month my hassio-configuration gets more complex and I’m sometimes getting trouble figuring out what actually caused a switch or light to change state. An extra attribute for each entity would be nice. For example “Triggered by”. It could also be very handy for debugging.

In my case I’m sometimes having trouble finding which automation that turned on my switches

I second this request. For example, in the logbook I currently read something like:
<Some switch> turned off

However, this does not inform what caused the switch to turn off, whether a script/automation, or a user interaction via the web frontend (and if so, which user?). I’m thinking at something like a lightweight audit trail more than a logbook. That may be useful for debugging, but also provide a more informative logbook, especially now that multi-user is supported, and ACLs are on the roadmap for implementation.

Thanks for the great work!

I was thinking this could be achieved by adding an optional ‘reason/source/trigger’ data attribute to all services that would then be appended to the Logbook entry: “Bedroom Light switched on by NodeRED Lighting Flow” for example.

Would also be great to be able to see the user who triggered something in the Logbook too (if it was indeed a user and not an automation etc).

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This would be really helpful for detecting if a light was turned on by flipping the wall switch, or by an automation that was triggered by a motion event.

I’ve got a few scripts that toggle input booleans that register this, but it is very hacky and the cause of many headaches.

In an ideal situation, I would like to see which automation-trigger was triggered, or maybe even when the Google Home integration performed an action - if I brighten the lights with Google Home, that would be a manual action in my case, just like controlling the dimmer on my wall.

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