What data entity to use to store the user-defined parameter set

Hello HA community.

I am new to HA and would like to resolve the following. I have a pellet boiler connected to HA. (not through integration, I load sensors only through the REST API, they can also use the REST API to change boiler settings). I would like to have a switch (combo) in the user interface to switch the operating profiles of the boiler. Changing the profile means switching several individual parameters of the boiler. E.g. WINTER profile = (max. boiler output 100%, thermostat shutdown = off, curve correction = 4C). TRANSIENT PERIOD profile (power = 50%, thermostat shutdown = on curve correction = 2C), etc.
And now the crux of the question: in which data entity can I save a list of these profiles and their parameters, so that I can edit them and possibly add more profiles (sets of settings)?
Sorry for the google translation.


a SINGLE entity will not work here.

You can use an Input Select - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io) to select your profiles by name.

Using an automation being triggered by the state change of this input_select you can then set the parameters to your boiler.
The parameters within the Automation can be defined e.g. via variables (or as fixed values - however you like) and you can distinguish between the different profiles via a choose step.

Thank you for answer. I understand exactly that.
But I meant it a little differently. I would like to have a list of profiles and their parameter values stored in some table (or something similar). In the first column, the name of the profile and in other columns the values of the individual parameters. When “Input select” is changed, the automation would read the values from this “table” and send them one by one to the boiler. Likewise, input select would offer a selection of profiles from this table.
Simply separate the program logic from the custom parameter values.

Well - I don’t think it is the way it is designed by the developers but what you can do is adding the “configuration values” as attributes via customize.



      friendly_name: '_Test - InputSelect'
        boiler: '100'
        thermo: 'off'
        curve: '4'
        boiler: '50'
        thermo: 'on'
        curve: '2'

using a template like the following you can then access these attributes based on hte input_select state:

#access the input_select state:
{{ states('input_select.test_input_select') | lower }}

#access the input_select attribute:
{{ state_attr('input_select.test_input_select', 'optiona') }}

#access the input_select attribute based on current state (combine above):
{{ state_attr('input_select.test_input_select', (states('input_select.test_input_select') | lower)) }}

#use a value from above:
{%- set attr=state_attr('input_select.test_input_select', (states('input_select.test_input_select') | lower)) %}
BOILER: {{ attr['boiler'] }}

Output example when OptionA is selected:

After OptionB was selected:

Perfect. Thanks for the advice and guidance.