What device could this be?

Moved into a house I bought and there were still some doorsensors and IR movement sensors present. The previous owner had bought them as part of a service with a home security company. They installed everything and he doesn’t know what brand it is or how the separate devices work.

I would like to see if I can re-use the sensors and connect them to HA. But I would need to know what brand they are to be able to reset them. Does anyone recognise these?

Since I don’t even know if this is ZWave or Zigbee, I don’t want to buy a hub first. Is there maybe an Android app that enables you to scan for devices so that before buying a hub I can at least identify what I have?

Could be a 433MHz rf sensor. There were a lot of cheap alarm systems that used that. No base station hiding in a cupboard somewhere?

Clean that battery acid off with isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush before it does any further damage if you are going to reuse them.

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There is a base station, rather large actually :slight_smile: But I thought it might not tell anything about the door/window sensor. It has no markings, this is what it looks like

Quick search on the motherboard markings resulted in this:

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Ah thanks!!! I should have taken of the back plane from the window as well to find the marking JA60N I see. Thx!