What device is this? And can It be integrated with HA?

Hi folks,
I’m hoping this community might know what this device is and whether it might be able to integrated into HA.

It is a wall-mounted Galaxy TabS mount powered by PoE. The shroud changes colour based on calendar events from a booking engine.
I rescued it from a storeroom at my office.
It was used as a room booking kiosk, changes colour based on availability of that resource.
The Galaxy Tab is fine, the shroud is fine. Have factory reset it.
There’s nothing meaningful on the board(s) to help me identify where to begin looking.
It has the words Lit Technologies Rev V1.0 on it…
Assume the Galaxy Tab registered on the corp network, spoke to email svr, then via an APK (or something) changed colours via the micro-usb. The LED control board appears to be powered via the 3.5mm socket on the Galaxy Tab.

Too hard or worth a play?

If you don’t get anywhere with this you could disconnect the LED strips and hook them up to an ESP32 running WLED, which integrates with HA nicely. You’d still be able to use the PoE power supply.

Are they addressable LEDs or RGB?

I’m going to guess RGB (based on a very low base of understanding visually).
BUT there are a tonne of traces on the PCB going to each LED on all four sides. And there are three discrete IC’s I think on the board driven by the 3.5mm jack on the TabS device. So perhaps there are three addressable strips?..
I have spare wemos d1mini kicking about, that might be useful.
there’s enough room in the case to house that…
It’d be great to figure out how to use what’s here though if at all possible.
You got me thinking though… Excellent!