What did turn off my smartplug?


Is there a way to know what did turn off my smartplug ?

I presume it’s a button on my dashboard cause there is not mentioned any automatisation, but I would like to know it for sure…

Thanks !

I think you are correct - my updated HASS shows entity history with actions from Automations shown with automation details, but GUI actions show service switch.turn_off with no further details.

I’d suggest checking the Log Book, but from a quick test, I suspect it will show the same as your screen shot.

How about creating a new Automation based on the Waterval status which triggers a notification so you find out immediately when something happens?

Suddenly my waterfall fell off my pond at 4:57 pm while it is programmed to be 8:00 pm. At that moment I was just walking in my garden with my phone in hand, but without deliberately pressing the on/off switch.
Anyway, will give it the benefit of the doubt and assume for the time being that I was the button after all…

And indeed, if necessary I will write an automation to monitor this.

Thanks for your comment !

You can always add the custom:restriction-card to prevent unwanted actions on first click