What did you do to your Home Assistant today!

I’ve also just got an EP1 for the living room and have been playing around with automations.

I’ve got one to turn on/off my living room lights, but also, I’ve got it set up to turn off my media centre when I’m not in the room for longer than 30 minutes.

I would love to be able to set up Bluetooth tracking of my Apple Watch/phone but looking through the documentation it looks like you can do that with ESPPresence and not with ESPHome, which is a shame.

Today, I reintergrated my Reolink cameras as I put them on a different WiFi network to make them more secure and updated my camera cards to use the frigate cards instead of the generic camera cards.

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I’ve created an application for Linux that helps control the system through home assistant.


I installed a TP-Link EAP610 WAP and TL-SG1210P POE Switch. Still working on it as no devices will connect to the AP

I don’t know on those models, but on mine you have to tell it what port is the input from the router with the web interface.

Mine is the TL-SG1016PE

Thanks for the input, but there was no mention of this in the setup, and the wired Ethernet ports connect just fine.

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Today I looked at the GIANT pile of sensors and bits & parts I need to install, and decided tomorrow was a better day - same as I’ve done for the last month. Lol


Good call on the frigate card. I’ve been meaning to switch mine and did it today. Too easy, cool features!

I’ve got some to do too. Hard to get motivated when I’m moving in 6 months. I’ve got light switch installs down to less than 10 mins each. I plan to bag and tag every sensor and put them right back in the new house. “should” be pretty seamless :crossed_fingers:.

The last 5 years…

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Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. :rofl:

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you should make small piles to look at or even look at one by one :wink:
Like eating an elephant - bite by bite

Busy with work today, but managed to get another zooz scene controller installed, got all the govee local api stuff ready for my kid’s TV light (xmas),and re-did some light cards on my mobile dashboard.


Honestly, the biggest thing that has slowed down my own deployment of HA “toys” is my youtube channel. The constant need to film what I’m doing and then edit and whatnot really makes me want to not do anything until I have time to film it. With December being all about my dashboard, I’m kind of stuck there working on that, so…

My wife is getting a Roborock S8 Pro Ultra for Christmas, so I’ll have to get that added in a timely manner though, or she will be mad. LOL


When she’s not home, open it and set it up! :joy:

Then repack it. The she’ll be even more excited when it’s set up and charged!

What’s your channel?

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I changed my mobile dash using mushroom cards with chips, mini graph and bubble popups. I’m happy with it.

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As awesome of an idea as that is… She’s always home. We have a 10 month old. Lol

But again, I need to finish the dashboard series by the end of the month, so I don’t have time to mess with that thing just yet.

My channel is called Fast How To. I have a thread going here in the social section where I post links to all my videos. Still working on growing it, just hit 4100 subscribers earlier today. It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be, but I enjoy making videos and learning all the new stuff about cameras and audio & editing, so there’s that. Lol

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Cool, I’ll check it out.

Looks good! I need some info on the Audio group management. Is that a receiver or are you grouping Google/alexa that way?

Sonos speakers. Mini-media-player

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Added some Christmas flair to the command center per the wife’s request. :joy:

Kept it classy!