What do I need to get started?


I would like to ask for a little help. I have plans to buy:

  • Raspberry Pi Pi 3B +
  • Zigbee (What should I buy? CC2531?)

Two major questions

  • Do I need anything else?

  • zigbee2mqtt, deconz? What is the difference between the two?

If I choose zigbee2mqtt, then I also need (right?):

  • CC debugger
  • Downloader cable

On the other hand, if I choose deconz, I don’t need those things?

I’d suggest a Pi4, and an A2 SD card (designed for applications), you’ll notice the speed difference.

For Zigbee, if you’re using Zigbee2MQTT have a look at this thread for a pre-flashed stick, with a case and antenna.

The difference between the three Zigbee options are in the supported devices, how easy it is to add a new device, and how you configure it. I’m very happy with Zigbee2MQTT, but I know others who’re very happy with zha or deconz. Best thing to do is to look at the docs for each, and see what you think.