What do I need to run Home Assistant in my home to devices in another building 400 ft away

My Home Assistant is on a Raspberry PI 4, 64bit 4GB, running Core OS. In my home office. IE the control center.
I have another 2 story building on my property (my shop) which is 400 ft away from my Raspberry Pi. I have a working WiFi bridge in the shop so I can control all my WiFi devices from the home office in the shop.
My question is, how can I control non-WiFi devices like Zigbee or Zwave out in the shop? Is there a bridge for these devices? I can’t believe a little Conbee II has the range to go 400 ft to another building, do I need another hub out in the shop?
Please advise what hardware I need to accomplish this.

Thank you

Hi, have a look of this device, Zigbee LAN CC2652P Coordinator from SMARTLIGHT.ME on Tindie

For such situation I will use another HA connected via:

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Yes, you likely would need a hub/bridge in your shop. Depends on the devices you would be planning to use. I can think of a couple of options:

  1. If zigbee only, there are a couple of zigbee - LAN coordinators out there. kazancsedat had an example above; zigbee2mqtt project page has a list also. The zigbee network at your shop would be a independent mesh network, but you could bring those devices back to your HA just fine. You just need to make sure the coordinator and HA can talk to each other over LAN.

If zigbee + z-wave,

  1. You can prepare a RPi plus a z-wave USB dongle plus a zigbee dongle for your shop location, and then install zwavejs2mqtt to control your z-wave…
    Quick Start (zwave-js.github.io)
    / zigbee2mqtt for your zigbee…
    Getting started | Zigbee2MQTT
    Note that you don’t necessarily need HA on this RPi.
  2. As Igor mentioned, use this integration to link multiple HA instances together.
    custom-components/remote_homeassistant: Links multiple home-assistant instances together (github.com)
    This remote HA instances would still need zigbee and/or z-wave USB dongles.
  3. Maybe get a Hubitat C-7 Hub, which has zigbee and z-wave radio, and then use this integration to bring devices from Hubitat to HA.
    Custom Component: Hubitat - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

Hope this helps.

Thank you ALL so much for your quick response. What a great community, I will investigate all the suggestions, I’m sure I will figure out which option is best for my situation.

For remote Zwave I just put zwavejsmqtt in docker container on Raspberrypi and use websocket to integration in my HA

I think zigbee hands something similar available

This is basically a remote Zwave hub

Hi Everybody,

After a couple of weeks I finally received my Zigbee LAN coordinator from Germany.
This is the problem I’m having and I hope someone can help.

When I install it, my router shows it as a new device Name: espressif, IP Address

When I type that IP address in any browser I get an “Unable to connect” error when I’m expecting a UI from the device as the seller claims. Hopefully in the UI I can make configuration changes so Home Assistant will see it.

What am I doing wrong?

Any help is appreciated

Thank you

Are you using http or https

Browsers force https so you must verify if trying http

Yes, I tried HTTP, HTTPS and just a straight and none of them worked. I also tried to Ping that address and it failed. I think I may have bigger problems that just ME :nerd_face:

Is it possible even though it says it is “ready to use” it was never flashed?

I’m going to look into using a Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub, that looks like it might solve my issue.

Thank you for your help