What do you think about this proposed setup

Hi guys, I am in the process of remodeling the house and want to put together a good automation set up. Here is what I have planned. Let me know if something can be improved.

House is currently gutted so I can pretty much do whatever I want. It’s about 2,300sqft 3 bedroom one floor house based in US. The majority of the home will be lit with pot lights that will be controlled by smart switches with some with Hue lights here and there for things like table lamps etc.


  • HA on Pi3
  • 9 dimmable light switches : Lutron Caseta P-PKG1W-WH, will probably need 3-4 of their bridges
  • 4 fan controllers - Sonoff Ifan02
  • 2 ecobee4 thermostats for climate
  • August door lock
  • Maranz SR6012 Amp for multiple zones
  • Wall mount Fire HD8 Tablet


  • not sure if i should get sensors and do it through HA or go with something like Simply Safe or Adobe
  • would like 2-3 motion sensors and 3 perimeter cameras

Do you guys know any complete guides out there that cover most of the basis?

After some suggestions I think I am gonna switch to HomeSeer HS-WD200 for the lights since they are running on Zwave, anyone have a lot of them installed?