What does SkyConnect need to run?

Excuse a rookie post as I’ve never used home assistant before. I am looking to purchase SkyConnect to have more of my smart home devices compatible with HomeKit.

What is needed to run SkyConnect itself? Is it standalone, or do I need to continually have it connected up to the likes of a RaspberryPI?

SkyConnect is just a USB device, like a mouse or keyboard.
You need a computer of some kind to connect it to and some kind of program to handle the data to and from it, like Home Assistant.

It is not standalone. It is a usb key that needs a computer.
Also, not sure it helps with Homekit (but I know zip about Apple). It handles Zigbee and Thread/Matter protocols.

Thanks both for confirming. That’s a shame, had it standalone and low powered would have been ideal.

You have the Home Assistant Yellow for that :wink:

Not available in Australia though I’m afraid! So where does Skyconnect fit in if you have Home Assistant already running on a computer? Am I correct in saying it’s there to remove the need for so man hubs such as IKEAs Digirea and the Hue hub?

Indeed. Both of those are using the Zigbee protocol, so can be replaced by HA + SkyConnect.

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