What doorbell do you use?

hey all, curious on what doorbell do people use for there home? im looking for a battery solution, simple button, notify phone and my home assistant (have both Amazon Echo and Google minis)


ordinary doorbell, enhanced with Frenck’s doorbell and a cheap chinese camera (all for less the €30,-)
Since it’s in HA, I can make it do whatever HA can do :wink:

I use a sonoff zigbee door contact. I removed it from its housing and de soldered the reed switch. I then removed all the guts from existing doorbell push and soldered the wires from the switch to the pads on the sonoff.
It all fitted neatly into the old housing.
I now get notifications on my phone, the lights flash, and my Sonos speaker makes an announcement too. It scares the cat, but it works really well.