What Energy Monitoring Devices Do You Use?

Hey Everyone,

I live in Phoenix and I am looking to monitor my energy usage at home and am having trouble deciding which device would work best. Many similar posts are outdated and with how fast technology changes, I hope that this post will help others in my situation find a good solution for monitoring their energy this summer.

I have heard good things about the Sense monitor, however I do not have enough space in my electrical box for a 240v breaker. This would make installation quite expensive as I would need to have a subpanel added. If that’s the best solution, I’m willing to pay for it but want to see if there are other options out there.

I would prefer to know how much power each device or breaker is pulling, so that I could actually find what is hogging the power and shut it off. Device that I have seen have been the Sense, Neurio, Curb, Aeotec HEM and Smappee. What do you use? Why do you like or dislike it? Is it worth the cost of getting a Sense or am I better off just getting something cheap like the Aeotec HEM? Thanks in advance for your help!

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I use the Aeotec HEM, works pretty good for what I want it to.

I use this:

Works like a champ.


Are using InfluxDB and Emoncms to visualize these data, or picking a few interesting ones to display on HA?

Do you have any screenshots to show us, please?


This is how I have my power screen currently:

I also have a conditional card showing when the ACs and dryer are running.
With the dryer I have an automation setup so when the Watts hit 0 for 5 mins it announces the dryer is done.