What (full color) icons are used here?

Hi all,
I was just trying out different cards when i came across the sample cards in the banner-card addon.
Does anyone know how to get these gorgeous icons?

That looks like the Bathtub emoji ( :bathtub:) on macOS:


How do i use those? are they supported in a way?

If you are using picture-element card to build such a banner or so, you can use any image as icons. You would just need some time to build these cards. You can download iphone emoji icons online.

google’ing my ass off and found something… It has to do with this piece of code:

type: custom:banner-card
background: "#EDE7B0"
heading: "\U0001F6b4 Living room"

google tells me when i did a search for U0001F6b4 it’s part of UNICODE.ORG emoji list.
Changing the code in my config instantly changes the icon to nice colorful ones…

Is there documentation on this?

No, because it’s your OS that handles the translation. Just go to a website that shows you emojies and the unicode value.


Thanks Petro! Got it working!

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