What gets restored?

I have a life HA environment fully functional and connected to my DMZ for phones and Alexa access. Trying to setup a new environment. If I try and restore a backup from the old system to the new one will it break the old one? Thinking like will it change my IP or any names of the new one that will conflict with the old one? Or anything else I’m not thinking of?

Also if I have addons, integrations, changes in the configuration.yaml will they all be restored?

If you select full restore - yep. everything. Don’t have the target box on the same LAN as the source. All hell breaks loose.

You CAN restore partials - but when you restore CORE (HA itself) it will bring the IP settings, etc. See above.

So what are you actually trying to do - there may be a process already.

I am moving my environment from one server to the other plus switching from Ubuntu to Debian as apparently that’s the only OS considered supported for Supervised.

Note I did the restore with the virtual network disconnected from the rest of the network and everything came across or impressively seemed to. That said, two things:

  1. Device is still responding to current DHCP IP which is good for me. IP at least from the OS level didn’t change.
  2. Put it back on network to test some things and no real issues. Oddly even the phone and EcoBee are updating. That said my Z-WaveJS UI won’t start. Not sure if that’s because the hassio/ingress/blablabla_zwavejs2mqtt URL is already in use from the other instance? Wouldn’t think the lack of Z-Wave stick yet in the new system would stop that starting.

Device? Old box?

It will continue to use the IP address it THINKS it has until half of the time remains for it’s DHCP lease (or a TCP stack restart - whichever happens first) at which time it would request a renewal - and fail. How long are your DHCP leases? If you dont know and are on consumer equipment - assume a couple hours. So it could be a few more hours before it stops. BUT - if the other box is on the network it may have some weird IP address conflict stuff going on.

that’s because next.

It absolutely does. If it can’t open the com port on the stick - done.

(Edit: if you were using the ‘by-id:’ version of the path to address the stick (path includes a big, long set of characters that includes the name of your stick) - all you’ll have to do is move it. If you were using the virtual port (TTYACMwhatever) you will have to determine the new address for the stick and edit the configuration before Zwave (and yes, zigbee same thing) will start.

Still at it. I have the Z-Wave Stick connected now but still same exact problem. That said, looks like the restore may not bring back Z-WaveJS UI?

What’s odd is I can manually re-install that component and now things kind of work. For example it’s not getting current state in all cases of devices already on. Z-WaveJS UI shows not running even though I’ve hit start a couple times.

Also the Logs tab on that app show it loading devices which I’d expect but no errors on that tab.