What GPIO is the button on a SonoffRF switch? NOT the Bridge

Again, for clarity: NOT the Sonoff RF Bridge

The button on the SonoffRF Basic is not on GPIO0 … At least I can’t get a response from GPIO0 in the code, and the button does not put the Sonoff into the flash mode.

Any ideas?

You mean this one?

So you anwsered your question already :wink:

Often the RF modules have there own brains an that button is wired to the RF module (to pair/toggle) and not to a wifi module (maybe a esp) which is also inside the box :package:

No. That is the Sonoff Basic. I have a dozen of those scattered all over the house. My question regards the Sonoff RFR2. GPIO0 is on the RF board pins so flashing is just a little more difficult than the Basic where you just hold the button down to ground GPIO0.

I did, however, finally find the schematics (page 14). As @orange-assistant said, the button is connected directly to the RF transceiver- not to a GPIO pin.

But. Since I am not using the RF module, I can jumper the KEY pin to the GPIO2 pad and use the button on the module for on/off.

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