What happen to "away" status in version 2024.2?

I recently updated to 2024.2 and seem to have lost the away status for tracking a person and oddly enough now my person status jumps to a zone that I am no where close to. It seems like it is just going to a default location. Did I miss something in the break changes?

back ground - I have an automation that turns off my water heater when I enter a zone that is several hours from my home. I call the zone “coast”. Until recently, everything was working great… but now with the recent update, when I leave my house zone, my presence jumps to the coast zone (which I am no where close to). Before it would change to away.
I use an iPhone with the companion app, if that provides any value.

Still working for me.

I’m having this problem too! The map shows devices/people clearly outside the zone but their zone status shows as being in that zone


This problem has been fixed, it will probably show up in the next update. Zone boundaries innacurate since 2024.2 · Issue #110027 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

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